For the Love of Football

If any of you know me personally or have seen any of my posts on any form of social media then you would know that I love football. Not only do I love football, but I also love the Green Bay Packers. I had already enjoyed college football with my mom and grandpa, but when my stepdad moved in he introduced me to a whole other culture of football.

Now, most people will argue that college football is where it’s at. They will say that students play for the love and not for the fortune and fame like professional football players do. I don’t think that they are wrong, and I am not saying that I love one more than the other. What I will say is that I get really into watching NFL because of the longer seasons and the excitement of the playoffs.

As playoffs are upon us, the Packers have made it to another NFC title game following their nail-biting win over Dallas. I had the opportunity to visit the home of the Packers for their first playoff game of the season against the New York Giants in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

My first visit to Lambeau field was an experience I will never forget. I learned so much about the team I love, where they come from, and more about my stepdad. I feel so lucky to have gotten to experience this with him. He used to live there so we spent the evening prior to the game cruising around the cool little town and exploring Lambeau field. I learned so much from him about the people that live there through his memories and our excursion around the Bay. To me, one of the best parts of the trip was doing the exploring and seeing what makes this city more than just football.

One thing I will suggest to anyone who visits the city of Green Bay, whether you are a fan or not, is to go on the tour at Lambeau. I learned so much from a tour guide who solely was there to help people learn more about one of the oldest teams in the franchise. Not only do you learn facts about the Packers, but you also learn more about the NFL in general and the original teams. Aside from that, you get to see a box seat and even go onto the field! I was even lucky enough to see Mike McCarthy (head coach) in person while we were about to go out onto the field, and that is something I will never forget.

I have to say that it was just insane to learn more about the history of a team I love so much. I don’t live in Wisconsin, so I get a lot of crap for being a Packers fan. This trip solidified my love for this team. No matter who you root for in the NFL I will tell you to make the trip to Green Bay even if for a day. Personally, I hope to go visit some other historical stadiums in the future and learn more about the sport I love to watch.

Here is a small list of things I recommend you do if you ever visit:

  1. Eat at Krolls across from the stadium
  2. Take a tour of the stadium
  3. Go into the Packers pro shop (even if you just look)
  4. Drive into the city part of Green Bay
  5. Drive around Titletown district
  6. Take lots of pictures!


-Krystal, With a “K”