Dear Seniors

Dear Seniors,

Welcome to the best year of high school. You are finally at the front of the student section, leading the cheers and owning the crowd. You are finally on the home stretch of high school! You’re the veterans that are waiting to leave their marks on the school who all of the underclassmen envy. As you prepare for the future don’t forget to enjoy the year. I know you can’t wait to be done and be away from “the high school drama”, but neither can anyone else. Everything is your last, so savor it. Don’t forget to bask in the glory of senior year; you’re the big guys on campus now! 

The year starts off with football season, which really flies by, so go to every game and lose your voice every time. Go to the homecoming dance and have the time of your life. Dance like nobody is watching, and take time to appreciate the high school budgeted dance decorations. With the end of football season comes Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family’s presence and answer the questions about your future that everyone asks. Listen to their advice even if it has nothing to do with your future because someday it might. After your first break you only have to survive a couple more weeks until Christmas break which seems like forever, but suffer through it because after winter break ends so does your motivation for school. Christmas vacation is the largest break for months so savor every moment. Go sledding with friends, watch your favorite movies, make new traditions, and relax. When you ring in the new year you wonder how it’s “actually the year that you’re  graduating”. Fast forward to the middle of second trimester when you think you are dying. You are wishing for a snowstorm to close school for the rest of the year before graduation, yet nothing comes. You’re in a rut, but push through. Go to your Winterfest. Play the sports you love and thank God every day for the opportunity to do it. It’s most likely your last time competitively playing the sport you have loved since you were six, so play each game like it’s your last. Give it your all. Once you’re through finals you’ve made it to the homestretch of third trimester. It’s all becoming more real. Your cap and gowns come in. By this time you have already picked your path for the preceding year, yet there are a million questions still to be answered. Spring break rolls around and you’re all of a sudden on top of the world. The high of spring break continues even once you’re back at school, and you’re down to your last month. The last month is done in the blink of an eye. Between planning your graduation parties, practicing your graduation walk, taking your finals, cleaning out your lockers, and everything else that comes up in this important month, it feels like you’re drowning in excitement. Finally, the night of graduation comes and you’re heart in beating out of your chest as you shake a hand and grab your diploma. It’s finally you who is throwing their hats in the air, grasping for air because you’re speechless. This is one of the first big moments of your life, and you’re living it. From there you feel like a million bucks because it’s your night and everyone wants their picture with the graduate. You leave there to go to your “All Night Party”, and while contemplating how lame it could be you end up with this overwhelming feeling of joy for the people you just hung out with for 12 hours or more and might never see again. Just like that, it’s done. No more waking up at 6am to go to the same classes every day at the same time. No more sitting at the same lunch table with the same people everyday. No more taking classes that someone else made you take. No more a lot of things that disappear once high school is over. It’s over.

I guess what I am trying to say is enjoy it all, every single part of it. Don’t question whether or not you’re going to stay home or go watch your friends at Senior Night; just go. Don’t wonder who will be at Winterfest; get a group of people and just go. Spend time with all your friends and family because after this year everything will change. Do all the things your parents and older siblings tell you to do because “you will miss it”, for in the end they are right. Senior year without a doubt goes by fast and you really don’t notice until it is gone. Don’t take it for granted. It’s your turn to live in the spotlight, so go do it. Be the typical high school senior who has senioritis worse than the flu. Enjoy it because you have the rest of your life to have adult responsibilities, and this year is about you.

–Krystal, With a “K”