New Year, New Goals!

Every New Year my goals tend to be the same whether that includes losing some weight, trying to overall be healthier, be a better friend/sibling/daughter or any other New Year’s resolution that most people have. This year I have found myself in the same list of resolutions. Since going to college I have put on a little bit of the so-called “Freshman 15”, so of course being healthier and losing weight is on my list. Also, since I will return to school I want to be a better person to those I love or maybe don’t even know.

I know that it is already January 4th, but resolutions can begin at any time as long as you start them and consciously try to make a change.

I am sick of looking at the same list and feeling trapped in the couple things I don’t always feel are easy to change. When I looked at the items on my list this year, I decided that I need some new goals. Of course, I took to Pinterest where there are so many resolution ideas that I am above overwhelmed.

Instead of following one blogger’s specific list or taking a pin and trying to copy it completely, I decided to take goals that seemed to fit into my lifestyle. The goals that I found and put into a single list will, for the most part, confuse you, so let me explain.

In the end, my list sounds a little like this:

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Drink more water (preferably amount needed in a day)
  3. Exercise more regularly
  4. Don’t always say the first thing that comes to your mind when talking to others
  5. Be conscious of what you put in your body
  6. Take more time to get to know me
  7. Be more open-minded
  8. Spread more love
  9. Study more consistently
  10. Choose happiness

Okay, so that was a lengthy list, and the thought of me finishing them all 100% isn’t completely likely. What is great about all of the goals I have are that they fit into what my previous goals were. By sleeping more, exercising more regularly, thinking about what I eat, and drinking more water I will get closer to the weight I want and being overall healthier. The remaining goals fit into becoming a better person.

Now, you may be thinking that I contradicted my whole entry because my goals are broken down versions of my original goals. I’m telling you, THAT IS THE POINT. By breaking down my goals into more in-depth ways to make myself better, I have a place to start!

I hope that this entry helps you to break down your goals that seem impossible. Remember that you have 365 days (okay a little less than that now) to try and make some changes. You will fail, and that’s the beauty of New Year’s goals or any goals: you have a fresh start every day that you wake up.

Go kick butt, and prove to the world and the year 2017 that your goals weren’t useless! Goodluck!

-Krystal, With a “K”





Holiday Daze

It has been well over a month since my last post. Originally, I had some drafts to publish, but time has gotten the best of me and they are still sitting in my drafts folder. I have just finished my first semester of college, so I have been very busy lately. Unfortunately for me, I have been so busy that I have had little time to do any of my usual Christmas activities. I have yet to shop for any gifts, watch too many Christmas movies, or bake cookies. I got to put up the tree when I was home for Thanksgiving, but that’s about it.

I decided that, since I have 3 weeks off from school, I’m going to have the best Christmas break yet. I’ve decided to compile a list of things to do that can keep you busy (or not) this holiday break.

  1. Netflix marathon: We all know that finals have taken over this past 2 weeks (or more), so take some time to breathe and catch up on your shows. Now, I’m supposed to get my wisdom teeth out during my break so I will have tons of time for this.
  2. Christmas movies marathon: I don’t know about you, but since I have been at college I have had no time to watch any Christmas specials or movies. Grab some friends and watch the classics (or not) and get into the holiday spirit.
  3. COOKIES: Maybe during or before the Christmas movie marathon bake some holiday treats to share or not to share.
  4. Sledding: I don’t care how old you are, I think that sledding will put a smile on your face. Grab your friends or family and go ride that hill.
  5. Ice skating: If your town is anything like mine then there is an ice rink. Take advantage of this and go at least once, even if you aren’t the best, the memories are.
  6. Skiing/Snowboarding: If you know how to then definitely go to your favorite hills his break because once the next semester hits it will be harder for you to make time for this fun sport.

Overall, whatever you do, remember that it’s that special time of year where you are fortunate enough to be with family and friends. Take advantage of the time you have with everyone, and praise the good Lord for what you’ve got.

Happy holidays,

Krystal, With a “K”