Dorm Room Essentials

So, I have talked about moving into school in previous posts, and now that I have been here over a month I thought that it was fitting to talk about some things I already know that can’t live in my dorm room without. I moved into Central Michigan University over a month ago now. The dorms here are larger than most expect. I mean don’t get me wrong, they are way smaller than the bedroom I was used to at home, but they are larger than most other universities. We have four girls living in a suite style, so the list below is a collection of what we believe every dorm should have. These are in no specific order of importance and are not in any specific category.

1. Keurig – coffee, DUH!

2. Mini Fridge – you really won’t always want to walk down to the caf, and midnight snacks are always a great idea

3. Microwave – you will need to warm up those leftovers from that one time you went out. Wasting food in college should be illegal!

4. Fan(s) – if you think that universities pay for every room to have air you need to reevaluate your life

5. Christmas lights – if your dorm is anything like mine then you won’t always want the harsh main light. Christmas lights give a cozy feel to the room

6. Under the bed storage – long story short I have enough clothes to fill a dorm by itself so storage for underneath my bed allowed me to bring more clothes to school

7. Command Strips & Hooks – your walls WILL be bare if you don’t bring these. Our posters, picture boards, flags, you name it wouldn’t hang without command strips

8. Futon/chair (extra seating) – I like my dorm room and so do some other people on our floor, so they need a place to sit (or sleep if they stay) when we are all hanging out. Also, sitting on only your bed or only at your desk can get redundant

9. Body pillow(s) – pillows that fit to you are a gift from above and make my bed 100X more comfotable

10. Shower racks – it allows us to use the most of our space and store more

11. White board – it’s nice to know where everyone is, so if you hang it somewhere that everyone in the room will see it you can write where you are when you aren’t in the room. It is also nice to do math problems on it for your homework on so you don’t waste paper/notebooks

12. Brita/ Water Filter – I want to know that the water I drink is safe and this way I don’t have to go down the hall to a water fountain everytime I need to fill my waterbottle

13. Cleaning supplies –  dirty dorm rooms, ew!

14. Air freshner – I brought a Bath & Body Works Wall Flower and just having that in our main room freshens up the dorm and can make you feel so much better. Plus, you can change the scents and most people come in and compliemnt how the room smells

15. Rugs – our floors are tile, so it makes the dorm cozier with the rugs. Also, to wipe your feet off when you come in the door eliminates a lot of dirt that can be tracked around the room

16. Towel Wrap – my roommates and I all have 2 towels and a towel wrap which you can find at Target. In case you don’t know, towel wraps are these towels with velco near the top so that you can walk around in your towel without havind to worry about it falling down

17. Wall Decorations- Wall decor is a must because nothing feels like home more than putting up your favorite posters, pictures, flags, and more. Plus, the walls are so bare and who wants to stare at a bare wall?

It seems like a long list, and you are thinking “how do I fit this all in a tiny dorm room?” Well you can make it work; we did! These help to make living in a dorm an easier adjustment from home, and everyone on your floor will love your room just as much as you.

Pictured above are some of the items in my dorm that I listed above.

-Krystal, With a “K”