Drop Everything and Go

The kind of person that I strive to be is the kind that can have a fixed schedule and follow their daily routines, yet if given the chance I would drop everything and find that next adventure. A couple of weeks ago, I was this person.

As I am sure many of you have been annoyed by or noticed, I am obsessed with not only country music, but also singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett. I had the chance to see him when he performed alongside another favorite of mine, Brett Eldrege, in 2015 for the Suits and Boots Tour. It was from then on that I decided I love country music and especially Thomas Rhett.

When Rhett announced his first ever headline tour in September I decided that I had to go. My roommate and I joked about it for months saying even though we have no money and the tickets are way out of our price range we will make it work. We continued to blast our favorite songs by him in my car and live like we were about to go to Thomas Rhett when he finally came back to Michigan.

When February (the month of the concert) rolled around we still had no tickets and whenever we looked at the prices they got more and more expensive. Our dreams of jamming in person to his new album were slowly being derailed, but never the less, I kept looking. For some reason I knew that this would happen, I just had to figure out how.

Fast forward to the night before the concert. My best friend knows me so well that when someone posted on his university facebook page about selling tickets he sent the post to me. When I told him to ask this girl about the tickets he thought I was crazy but he still contacted the girl. As it turns out, my roommate and I got the tickets, and we bought them about $100 less than they were being sold for online!

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe what we felt that day. We went to all our classes that Thursday in anticipation of the concert at night. After my last class, we quickly grabbed what we needed and made our way to Saginaw for the first night of the Home Team Tour.

Once we got to the venue, we still couldn’t believe we had gotten the tickets and that we were actually there. After we found our seats at the very back of the floor in the small arena, our hearts were racing. A little bit into the concert the people sitting around us got up, left, and never came back, so my roommate and I were alone in a row that should have been filled with people.

The opening acts were great, but from the moment Thomas Rhett came out on that stage we were jumping up and down, dancing all around, and breathless from screaming the lyrics to our favorite songs. We were having a blast, and I really kept thinking that my life couldn’t get better than this. Oh boy, how I was wrong!

Not even 45 minutes into a night filled with pure joy, Thomas Rhett moved from the stage to a small square stage at end of the arena. We were literally less than 2 feet from him. These seats that were originally out of our price range then were considered to be “bad” floor seats, eventually turning into front row tickets. My heart was so full, and I realized that life is all about the moments that ignite a fire in your soul.

The moral of this long, drawn-out story is that sometimes it’s okay to be crazy and drop everything for something that makes your heart beat so fast you feel like you might die of happiness. Take chances and go see your favorite artist in concert, or drop everything to go visit the people you love. No matter what makes you happy, it’s okay to forget your worries and responsibilities for a while and fill your heart to the brim.


Krystal, With a “K”

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