Reasons I FALL for CMU

Where has the time gone? It has been about 2 months since my last blog post. In short, I have been extremely busy with school. Originally, I started drafts for some posts a couple weeks ago, but I never got around to posting them, much less finishing them.

Seeing as I have been at school for almost 2 full months now, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know why I love my school. Fall is my favorite season with all the football, pumpkins, warm flavors, cooler weather, nature’s beauty, and so much more. Spending my falls on the beautiful Central Michigan University campus makes life that much sweeter.

Central Knows How to Tailgate

Anyone who knows me knows that I love football. Whether Central does well or not, there is something to be said about wearing my favorite maroon and gold around campus screaming “FIRE UP CHIPS” everywhere I go.

Central’s Campus

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If you have ever been lucky enough to walk through CMU’s campus during the peak of fall you know that this campus is beautiful. Between the maroon and yellow mums placed around campus to the rows of trees boasting their fall colors, there is so much beauty on this smaller Michigan campus. I try to savor as much time along the colorful paths before winter comes to town.

There is Always Something Going On

The beginning of every new year means every club on campus wants you to join. There are so many ways to get involved on campus, especially during what ends up being the busy season. Clubs offer various opportunities to volunteer, join them, and best of all free food. People and clubs are always outside of the UC offering ways to get to know campus better.

Even More Fun Off Campus


The second one leaf on a tree changes from green to orange or yellow people go crazy with anything fall related. Central is surrounded by a community that also offers activities during the fall. There is a local pumpkin patch as well as small businesses that offer fall fashion or fall inspired foods and beverages. Not to mention, there are various parks where you can enjoy even more of the season’s beauty with a nice walk or even hammocking under the falling colors.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons I love my school and its community. There is something unexplainable about the feeling I get when walking around my campus on a sunny day with the colors all around me. As we celebrate our 125th anniversary as a university on campus I hope that students, alumni, and future students fall for the traditions and beauty that is CMU.


Krystal, With a “K”


Dear College Friends

Dear College Friends,

At this time last year, I had no idea you even existed. I had no idea that you living just a few doors down from me would be a lifesaver. I had no idea that we would become friends over the mutual hate of a class, and that even though we don’t see each other in class every single day doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. I had no idea that you would push me out of my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things.

This isn’t high school anymore, and you guys quickly helped me realize that we need to grow up a little, meet new people, and learn something new about ourselves.

I won’t lie, some of my best friends here at college probably have no clue that they mean so much to me and others didn’t necessarily like me at first. Being placed on the floor that I was in the dorms and the class sections I got into full-heartedly reinforces my belief in the fact that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that the people I have met and bonded so well with were put into my life each for a different, but very specific reason.

The people on my floor have taught me so much about myself, the person I strive to be, they’ve challenged me to think outside myself, and more. The people who have lived with me or right next to me have pushed me to be myself because there isn’t anything better than being comfortable with the things you do and the person you are. Each personality on my floor is just that; a big personality. I feel lucky to know people who are so unique and who unwillingly deal with me every day. It is crazy to me how everyone on my floor is so different from me in the facts of where we came from and how we were raised, yet we are all so similar that it just kind of works. I know that we will never have another “Dungeon” like this again, but I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have been put in this room, with the roommates that put up with me, and the neighbors that became my best friends. I never knew that the first time I meet them, less than a year later my heart would ache at the thought of leaving them for the summer.

The people who I consider friends in my classes have helped me to branch out in different ways. Before college, I thought I was such a people person because I could talk to anyone about almost everything. Once I started to attend college classes I felt like a voice lost in the a sea of other voices, so I talked way less in classes and kind of thought that I wasn’t as good at making friends as I thought I was. This all changed when I was put into groups in certain classes (thank you professors) or I sat next to the same person everyday in certain lectures. I am so thankful for the implied “unassigned assigned seats” rule because without that I don’t think I would have made some of the friends that I have. It’s funny that just by sitting in the same seat everyday I found people who have so much in common with me. The people in my classes may not know that they had such an impact on my first year but I think that the only reason I can remember certain classes is because of these people.

To all the others who happened to stumble into my life; whether it be through a mutual friend or by my pure luck, thank you for the endless laughs and adventures. I feel sad knowing that I have to part with the people I meet and came to love in the past couple of weeks, but I have faith that we will stay connected. I am lucky to live near so many of my new friends, and I hope we can hangout at some point this summer.

I really am sad to leave all these people I once called strangers, and I don’t know what it will be like not seeing them every day. I do know that we live in a generation where those who are important to you can and have the abilities to keep in touch, and I am confident in the fact that I will stay in touch with the ones who took the time to get to know me and love me during this first year.

Thanks for everything,

Krystal, With a “K”




Where I Am

I feel like I should let anyone who reads my blog know where I am at in case they wonder why I haven’t posted too frequently lately.

I am currently going into the fifth week of my second semester as a college freshman. I have made a step towards where I want to go in this crazy life by choosing a major that I believe will suit me best throughout all that I want to do. The major I chose is called Integrative Public Relations or IPR. It is a big fancy title for someone who doesn’t want to spend their life as strictly a journalist or someone in only public relations. The degree requires a lot of communication, broadcasting, journalism types of classes and more. I am not sure if I will minor in anything, yet there is always a possibility to minor in something to aid with my major.

The classes that I am taking this semester still mostly class that the university requires I have to graduate. Although it may sound as though the required classes are still easier, you are wrong. I got to choose some of them in hopes that they were a double whammy and count towards my major. My current class schedule is a lot of writing. I have an English class where we write a lot of research-type papers, a writer for the mass media which is exactly what it sounds like, a journalism class where we discuss controversial issues then write, and a class about environmental science that shouldn’t need writing but my luck we have papers due. My only saving grace is that my macroeconomics class is a boring, regular, lecture-based class where you take notes then quizzes.

Basically, I am writing a lot. Aside from my classes, I write for my university’s online magazine, called Grand Central Magazine, where I write for the Student Lifestyle section. The stories are about what is going on around campus and are out of my comfort zone of writing. I interview people, and my writing is like a regular feature story you would read online.

Along with Grand Central, I just applied to write for the Odyssey at Central Michigan University. The Odyssey is something that I am sure most people have read, and it is more like a blog. My first post has just been uploaded, and the stories I have started writing are my style and I am enjoying it a lot. I really hope it works out.

So, that is where I am at mostly. My spring break is coming up in the next month so I really hope I have time to write before then because I do have some great ideas. I am sorry if I don’t update more, not that too many people read this. If you want, check out my articles on the other sites, they are different than what I write here, but I know that they will be great to help me get to where I am going in life.

-Krystal, With a “K”

P.s. It would mean so much to me if ya’ll check out my first post on the Odyssey!