Spring Break 2017- Texas!

Although I have been back from my spring break for almost a month now, one of my goals was to share my love for the state of Texas with all of you, so here it is!

My dad’s brother lives about an hour outside of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. My aunt and my cousin, who is in between my sister and me, also live there. It just so happens that all three of us ended up having the same exact spring break for the first time ever, so we definitely wanted to see each other.

When I describe The Woodlands to people I usually describe it as a bubble. This is mostly because there is a clear difference when you cross over the town’s lines into another. I have visited Texas multiple times now, so I love to go and see what has changed since the previous time that I have been there, hang out with my family, and find new things to like about Texas.

When I went to Texas last year we road tripped to a gas station in Madisonville called Buc-ee’s. Now, you are probably wondering why we would make the drive to a gas station but this is not your regular gas station. They make their own foods there, have a lot of tourist shopping, as well as the gas station pumps. The trip to Buc-ee’s includes stomping to see the Sam Houston statue and shopping at an upscale retro feeling flea market type of store called Annette’s Touch of Class. Since we made this trip without my sister last year we wanted my sister to experience more of Texas, so we took a morning to show her the infamous gas station everyone talks about.

One opportunity that I took advantage of this year was attending the Houston Rodeo at NRG stadium. I may be from a small town in Michigan where we go to the fair, have too many cornfields, and other things people consider to be country, but nothing could have ever prepared me for the Houston Rodeo. This was an all-day affair. We started around 11:30 with shopping the vendors that sold anything and everything from hand-made jewelry to official cowboy hats. We also walked around to see the animals and got to see chickens hatch. After that, we ventured outside to the food area where there were various tents full of any kind of fair food you could think of. I ate a funnel cake and a footlong corn dog so you could say I was in heaven. After eating we went to the carnival, and this wasn’t just any old carnival. There where four ferris wheels, a section dedicated to games, and more carnival rides in one place than I had ever seen in my whole life. We spent a good three to four hours there before making our way to the actual rodeo part inside the stadium. This was legit; bull riding, cattle roping, and way more. The opening ceremonies were so extravagant that they took about 15 minutes. After the official rodeo, there is always a concert which we did not stay for because Old Dominion, who was supposed to play, was replaced because they had a family emergency to attend to. Overall, we did not leave until almost 9:30, which would have been later if we went to the concert too. I 100% recommend the Houston Rodeo for anyone who has nothing to do and money to blow at the beginning of March.

Other than the main event of the Houston Rodeo, we spent a lot of time relaxing in the hot tub, eating good food, and enjoying each others’ company. We did spend some time shopping because there are some shops, like Alex and Ani, that my sister and I don’t have up north, and because who doesn’t love shopping?

One thing that we usually do when I visit is to drive around looking at the different styles of homes. They are all very upscale looking and have a large amount of character, in my opinion. Anyone who knows me knows that I love houses, and although my life’s goal doesn’t include the biggest, coolest house (although what would be wrong with putting that on the dream  list?) I do love to get ideas for when I can even think about a home (so I’m talking many years need to go by, like I need to pay for college first).

Texas is not a normal destination for college spring breakers, but I am so glad that I made the trip. I love seeing my family, and I love a relaxing week I hope that you guys can make it to Houston during the Rodeo at some point; it is a must see!

-Krystal, With a “K”