Where I Am

I feel like I should let anyone who reads my blog know where I am at in case they wonder why I haven’t posted too frequently lately.

I am currently going into the fifth week of my second semester as a college freshman. I have made a step towards where I want to go in this crazy life by choosing a major that I believe will suit me best throughout all that I want to do. The major I chose is called Integrative Public Relations or IPR. It is a big fancy title for someone who doesn’t want to spend their life as strictly a journalist or someone in only public relations. The degree requires a lot of communication, broadcasting, journalism types of classes and more. I am not sure if I will minor in anything, yet there is always a possibility to minor in something to aid with my major.

The classes that I am taking this semester still mostly class that the university requires I have to graduate. Although it may sound as though the required classes are still easier, you are wrong. I got to choose some of them in hopes that they were a double whammy and count towards my major. My current class schedule is a lot of writing. I have an English class where we write a lot of research-type papers, a writer for the mass media which is exactly what it sounds like, a journalism class where we discuss controversial issues then write, and a class about environmental science that shouldn’t need writing but my luck we have papers due. My only saving grace is that my macroeconomics class is a boring, regular, lecture-based class where you take notes then quizzes.

Basically, I am writing a lot. Aside from my classes, I write for my university’s online magazine, called Grand Central Magazine, where I write for the Student Lifestyle section. The stories are about what is going on around campus and are out of my comfort zone of writing. I interview people, and my writing is like a regular feature story you would read online.

Along with Grand Central, I just applied to write for the Odyssey at Central Michigan University. The Odyssey is something that I am sure most people have read, and it is more like a blog. My first post has just been uploaded, and the stories I have started writing are my style and I am enjoying it a lot. I really hope it works out.

So, that is where I am at mostly. My spring break is coming up in the next month so I really hope I have time to write before then because I do have some great ideas. I am sorry if I don’t update more, not that too many people read this. If you want, check out my articles on the other sites, they are different than what I write here, but I know that they will be great to help me get to where I am going in life.

-Krystal, With a “K”

P.s. It would mean so much to me if ya’ll check out my first post on the Odyssey!