The Satisfaction of Planning

What is it about the start of a new year or school year where the planners are displayed at every endcap in Target that makes you lose track of the reason you are actually there? For me, I always buy a planner that is supposed to last two years, but once the new school year comes around I’m drawn to Home Goods’ “Back to School” collection where the desk organization supplies are all pretty and neat. Maybe it is just me, but the planners take up a whole side of the store; big ones that are monthly, small ones that are monthly/daily, and a whole shelf and a half more of endless patterned options that you didn’t know you needed. Seriously though, I can’t say no to a new planner for back to school.

This years’ choice of a planner is a simple, perfect bind (an actual type of book bind), navy blue one that says “stay the course” with a boat wheel above it in metallic gold. It even has one of those stretchy pieces of fabric to keep it closed and the pages protected. Despite the cute design, I picked it because of the monthly overview and each week is broken down so that I can see each, individual day.

Planning is something I usually do 110% or not at all. The beginning of a busy school year is where I’m at my full force of planning. I don’t know why I end up losing my so-called planning spirit because there is something to be said about opening it up and seeing exactly what you have planned for each day. Even on my busiest days where it looks like I have time for nothing but work or schoolwork I am able to see that there is time that I can spend doing something for myself. I like to see my homework all written out so that I can check it off when I finish an assignment, and once I’m done seeing an empty list on my day is so satisfying.

I think that a lot of people either don’t want to plan because it can seem like a lot of work and overwhelming. Also, it can feel like you aren’t enjoying the moments that life has to offer. Some people might say that they have nothing to put on a calendar so why even bother. Don’t get me wrong, planning can feel like you’re wishing time away when you open it up to months down the road to add a vacation or appointment to the schedule, but for me, having a plan lets me get things done which opens up more time for myself, friends, and family later on.

The famous Phoebe Buffay “pla” quote

Now, I wish I had the actual time and the money to create my own planner or buy a massive one with countless stickers to use as a key for what I’m doing each day but I just don’t. I wish that I had that much in me to plan, but the satisfaction for me is lost when I overdo it. The number one reason that I plan is to make sure that I’m on some sort of track for my goals. If I want to reach some type of goal or be successful I try to plan and make goals in my planner which keeps me a little bit accountable because when I open up my planner each day I see that note to myself to keep going.

If you don’t have a planner or you don’t even know where to start, take a trip to your local Target and buy one that fits your personality, or simply search Pinterest for easy ideas. There is no right or wrong way for planning, so go crazy or simply write down a goal. Whatever you do, make it your own.


Krystal, With a “K”