June Favorites

Another month has flown by for the year 2018. During that time, I found some items/things that I have come to love and use daily. My favorites don’t necessarily go together, but I thought that I would take a chance to share them with you guys. Let’s get started so that you guys too can (hopefully) love my favorites!

Happy Planner

Surprise to no one that I have once again bought another planner before even finishing

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 4.57.02 PM.png
This is the similar size to mine and one of the designs.

my last one. The brand is called The Happy Planner which you can find at a variety of stores and websites. I found my cute fruit, flower, and flamingo printed “Choose Happy” planner at Michael’s and couldn’t resist. At first, I couldn’t choose from the variety of designs because there were so many cute ones. I love this planner because it shows an overview of things coming up in the month, the whole month, and each day split into three separate sections. It’s also good for two years, so fingers crossed I don’t find another cute one before December 2019

Reusable Keurig Coffee Filter

As Americans, we use too much and waste even more. Some of our waste can’t be recycled and is currently rotting in places it shouldn’t be. One of these such items is a Keurig pod. I love coffee, and I like the simplicity of the Keurig. I was racking my brain for ways to cut back on my own waste, and that’s when I found Keurig’s reusable coffee filters.  Once you make the small investment you have to buy less coffee in general and, if you’re like me, you can bring home coffee that you tried and really like from your last vacation.

8mm (App)

Okay, guys. I’m not one to spend money on apps, but this app is amazing if you like the look of old cameras. 8mm Vintage Camera is a fun way to get your videos to look just like your grandparents’ when cameras first came out. I, personally, love to play around and Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.07.09 PM.pngtake video clips for my own fun putting them together later for a larger video. This app takes any videos you already took or you can take videos straight from the app and puts them into different types of old film. You can add breaks in the film and different borders. It’s an extremely fun way to look at life, and it’s the best app I have ever bought.

Crocs Sandal

For my latest summer job, I am required to wear all black shoes. I am a lifeguard, so I wanted some sort of sandal that wasn’t a flip-flop and didn’t break my bank. I was going

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.14.40 PM.png
These are the same ones I use almost every day.

to buy a pair of Chacos, but I couldn’t stomach the money before starting my job. That’s when I found a pair of Croc sandals at my local Meijer. They were more than half the price, and they are comfortable for long periods of time.

DesB Fitness Guide

I have already professed my love for DesB in a previous post (linked here), but this is specifically about the programs she created. I bought Fit In Six which is a six-week guide. I just love how it helps me know what my workout will be, and if I have any questions about a move I can look up her hashtag on Instagram. It’s helped me stay focused in the gym.

I know the list was very small, but I hope that you guys have found your own favorites for June. If you have anything you’d love me to try please let me know in the comments!


Krystal, With a “K”


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