My Fall Favorites

I am your average “Typical White Girl” when it comes to fall.  It is, hands-down, my favorite season. Something about the changing colors and smells drives me crazy (in a good way). I thought that I would kick off fall with a “My Favorites post”.

One fall favorite is Starbuck’s pumpkin spiced latte (duh!). I get cravings for this drink all year round, so in the early days of September when they release the drink, I go crazy. Although I spend most falls days getting this coffee, I do (usually) wait until the first official day of fall to get this. Waiting for it is my personal way of celebrating the first day to my favorite time of the year.

My next fall favorite is apple orchards in general. One, the cute pictures you get, two, the fresh apples, and three, it is a thing I have always done with my family. I love to spend the afternoon finding different kinds of apples to bring home, or finding the perfect apples since they are all in the peak season. You can’t forget the fresh apple cider and donuts that come from apple orchards. A personal favorite of my dad’s at apple orchards are the apple flavored tap beers.

Another favorite is the pumpkin patch. This is something that has been an extended family tradition for as long as I can remember. On my dad’s side of the family (for the most part) all of the cousins, aunts, and uncles get together and go to the pumpkin patch to get the perfect pumpkins and of course more cider and donuts. We spend the afternoon doing the hay ride, corn maze, and at the pumpkin patch we go to there is a petting zoo and pumpkin themed games. When we leave the patch we go to one of our homes all together and have a cook out, and we carve our pumpkins together. It truly is a great time, and I am so thankful to have these memories from growing up.

I can’t forget about my love for flannels. I have a flannel in almost every color, and this is great because I find a use for about anything. I think that is enough explanation because duh, FLANNELS!

Also, football comes back in the fall. I am a huge fan of football, both college and pro. Going to football games or even watching football is a great way to be with family or friends. Going to football games in the fall is so great.

Lastly, I LOVE Thanksgiving! I know that I skipped over Halloween (which don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween but skipping to Thanksgiving seems fitting), but I really love this holiday. I love decorating the kitchen table with pretty dishes and matching placemats. My favorite thing about this holiday is that it kicks off the season where I see my family the most, which my family (including extended) is a huge part of my life. I love learning things I didn’t know about my family whether that be recipe or the stories of my parents’ childhood. The food is also a perk to this holiday.

As you can tell, I love fall. This is the time to celebrate change for being good and not scary awful. I saw a quote from someone I follow on Instagram a couple weeks back, “Fall is a good reminder that change can be beautiful”. I think this really hit me because we are all so afraid of change, yet look at all the things I previously listed that come with the change of the season.

If you enjoy any of my favorites, or you think that I would enjoy one of your favorites let me know!

-Krystal, with a “K”


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