Now That I am Here

Move-in day has come and gone. I have squeezed my life into a small box with three other people, and we are surviving. It has been over two weeks, the honeymoon phase is over, and classes have begun. My schedule is both good and bad, filled with both jam-packed days and lazy days. I will not lie to you and say that it was so easy to conform to college, and that classes are a breeze. My roommates and I don’t agree on everything all of the time. My classes give a good amount of work, and yes it is every single day. College isn’t high school. Everyone is here for a much different reason. You don’t have your mom and dad telling you that you can’t go out because your homework isn’t done. The change has been much different, but I am getting much more used to it. I have already met such amazing people who are changing my perspective. I’m learning more than I thought I could and I’m only in GenEds. I have had so much fun, yet I have had to learn (and am still learning) to balance my time. I want to do well in school, but I am also a typical college student who thinks that they are on top of the world. College truly is like anything you’ve ever experience. There is so much freedom and much responsibility. I honestly love it, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

–Krystal, with a “K”


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